This post here at Transport will take a look at the office bound side of the transportation industry with some information regarding the the workings of a transportation brokerage.

First of all, what exactly is a transportation brokerage?

Well, this is simply a person, or office that deals with clients and transport companies in the manner of a go between. A broker is simply that, a conveyancer of important information that must flow between the company undertaking the transportation and the individual who is in need of goods being transported.

Indeed, some of the larger transport companies will only deal with individual clients via a recognized brokerage and these companies will generally have an itinerary of brokers they do business with on a regular basis.

This is good for the individual as it means they get to deal with a human being face to face rather than a faceless clerk at the end of a telephone, or worse a website with no form of personal contact whatsoever. After all, we still prefer the human touch and its easier to deal with a professional transportation broker who knows what they are doing and can iron out all difficulties there and then saving a lot of worry and stress later on.

The transport company similarly benefits by dealing directly with a broker whom they trust and know will have all the necessary information to ensure the shipment is seamless.

There is a pretty good and rather specialized website that provides a clearer insight into the inner workings of this side of the freight industry called Transportation Brokerage. Pay it a visit and see what else you can learn there.