Avoid Speed Traps

We all know that speed traps are a sneaky way for making money by governments by taking from an easy mark, the motorist. Its like taking candy from a baby because drivers are apt to exceed the speed limits wherever they are in place, either deliberately or by accident. Either way, they are breaking the law, but there are ways in which to reduce, minimize or even completely avoid getting a speeding ticket coming from a police speed trap, speed camera or mobile camera.

Most people’s initial thoughts on this would be that it must be by doing something illegal or everyone would be doing it. Well, there are actually devices that warns of approaching speed traps, radar guns, cameras and the like and it does it by using GPS technology backed up by a huge database of permanent and semi permanent traps as well as warning of impending radar gun traps set up by police up ahead. And they are totally 100 percent legal!

The reason some of these devices are legal is because they don’t just warn of speed traps ahead. They also warn of danger areas and school zones and places where accidents are more likely to happen, which will alert drivers to the fact that they must slow down in preparation. So not only are these devices saving drivers from getting speed tickets, they are also helping to prevent potential accidents and that has to be a good thing. Good enough for the police to actually approve this kind of device.

If you want to know more about these devices and where you can buy them, here is a pretty decent review of one of the major gadgets NavAlert GPS speed trap locator. It tells it like it is and gives plenty of useful information, especially on where to get them online and at a great price.

Chevrolet Pickup Trucks

There is a lot to be said for the versatility and usability of the good old pickup truck in terms of economy in fuel usage against its ability to transport both workers and their tools and equipment to and from sites that crop up in all manner of places. A good four wheel drive pickup truck is an essential transport vehicle when a job needs to be done that off the beaten track and in many cases off any kind of track!

There are several well know auto manufacturers that produce some fine trucks for this kind of use, notably Chevrolet trucks who have dominated the market in the US with their no nonsense, utility trucks as well as the more modern, refined and fully loaded pickups and SUTs that are now available, such as the Avalanche, Tahoe and Silverado to name a few.

Of course, Chevrolet are not the only manufacturer of well built and durable trucks. Toyota are famous for their Hilux range of virtually indestructible, go anywhere trucks, while other Japanese makers have followed suit with Mitsubishsi and Nissan building very good trucks in that similar vein, although not quite matching the Toyota in sheer toughness. Ford also make a range of pickup trucks for sale at home and abroad.

The strength of the pickup truck is in its versatility for getting tradesmen and their equipment to and from their jobs wherever they may be needed. Many pickups are fitted with four wheel drive transmissions to enable them to reach those out of the way spots where there are no blacktop roads and in hilly regions where regular vehicles simply cannot reach. For transporting light building materials to remote homesteads, these ATV trucks are the real kings of the road being able to reach homes that are off grid and off most maps well into the boonies.

Pickup trucks usually have open rear cargo areas, although many also have the capability of fitting a cover, or hard shell “Truckman” top for when items need to be transported that don’t like to get wet in the rain. Trucks rule and pickup trucks rule the off road scene for transporting their cargo wherever it needs to get to.


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